What’s the deal with PHIL’S tat?

sobriety date tattoo

If you suffer from alcoholism, the battle to stay sober is an unrelenting and lifelong task, making sobriety one of the most appropriate life events I can think of to mark with a tattoo. Placed poignantly on the right wrist, this tattoo of Phil’s sobriety date is an always-there reminder of the past damages done when drinking and a motivating reminder of the victory achieved in overcoming it. I loved catching a glimpse at this tat every time he lifted his Dr. Pepper!

Blog Action Day: Water Tattoo

Today is Blog Action Day, an annual event that seeks to unite the world’s bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day. In 2010, the topic is water. Following is a 2009 post from my other blog, Thirsty in Suburbia, about an interesting tattoo that’s insanely appropriate for this day.

tattoo about water and sanitation issuesIt’s one thing to say you’re touched and moved by the world water crisis, but it’s a whole different level to be moved enough to put it in ink. On your arm. Permanently. JesseFulton on Flickr explains why he got this incredible indelible tat:

The short story behind the tattoo: a few years ago, I went through a period of being very unhappy and feeling sorry for myself. During this time, I came across a photograph of a woman in Africa drinking water from what was essentially a puddle of mud because she had no access to clean, drinkable water. As I stared at that image, I realized just how lucky I was and how good my life actually is.

That photograph has stuck in my head ever since and the tattoo is a reminder to be grateful for everything I have and to not take anything for granted.

(I later found out that the photo is actually the cover for the book “Design for the Other 90%” and the woman is using a product called the Life Straw.

You know, tattoos are for life. And the sad thing is, even if Jesse is young today I’ll bet that many years from now…even long after we’re all gone… there will still be a need for “The Life Straw” and this tattoo will still be appropriate…which makes this both a depressing and beautiful statement.

What’s the deal with ANNA’S tat?

annas white ink tattoo on torso with words breathe cystic fibrosis

Breathing is something most of us take for granted. Anna’s lovely white tattoo is on her left side torso, right over her ribcage and lung. She says this reminds her of the gift of taking an effortless breath. Not that she needs reminding, because Anna has cystic fibrosis. And while she’s a beautiful young lady who outwardly appears the picture of health, she’s spent a lifetime fighting the battle to breathe.

Maybe this tat should remind the rest of us to actively support Cystic Fibrosis research and get to the day where Anna and many others can breathe as freely as the rest of us do.

What’s the deal with TRAVIS’S tat?

tattoo of a guitar on jeffs forearm

The musician’s life can be a tough one. A lot of hard work, huge commitment, strings of dim clubs and honkey-tonks, like the one where I saw Travis play. So it helps to stay focused and I’ll bet Travis’s tattoo of a sweet Fender Strat is motivating. He’s always loved these guitars, but he doesn’t have one. Yet. Keep at it Travis, and we’ll sure you’ll end up with the tat Strat AND the real deal.

What’s the deal with MEGAN’S tat?

tattoo of pig on wristSpeaking girl to girl, Megan, this is a bold statement. (In my childhood we shopped at the “Piggly Wiggly” market; this reminds me of their logo!)

Funny, because this tat goes way back to her childhood, at age 4, when her older brother nicknamed her Piggy. The name spread through the family, then to friends. And of course, it stuck.

Why on the forearm? This is Megan’s second tattoo. Her first isn’t visible, and this one she wanted to SEE. Takes a strong woman to wear a piggy tattoo…you go, girl!